The New Age of Job Searching

The way that we job searched 20 years ago is a lot different than what we do today. People are not spending hours and gas riding from location to location anymore, an interview is not always face-to-face, and a suit and tie may not be appropriate for your interview. You must understand the new age of job searching and what you can do to effectively land a great position.

Internet searches

Who walks into a company anymore and hands them their resume? Submitting your resume online has become the traditional way of applying for a job. In the online world in which we live the days of pounding the pavement and making face-to-face first impressions are over. Technology has allowed employers to gain their first impressions from the truths and/or lies that you type on a piece of paper or post on their online application. Top career search engines like,, and are common places to start your job search.

Temporary staffing

Years ago, getting hired through a staffing agency or recruiting firm cause a lot of low morale. Job seekers took positions with the assumption that the position wouldn’t last and were even more shocked when it was extended. See, temporary staffing agencies…well good ones, take a lot of work out of the strains and headache of job search. That’s not to say that you should only apply to staffing agencies, because that could also come back to bite you. Choose reputable staffing agencies and gain a relationship with the recruiter. In another article, I will go in depth about how to choose an agency, and the qualities to look for. Remember, job searching is a numbers game, the more you apply, the better your chance to get hired. Temporary staffing allows you to work smarter and not so hard.

First come, first served

Have you ever seen a job online and said, “I’ll apply for that tomorrow”? Well, that’s not always a great idea considering all of the competition there is out there. The first to apply is the first to get considered. If you’re in a field that is widely saturated with candidates, once a job is posted, in a matter of 24 hours, you could be #390 of #400 to apply.


This is an important and not always known part of job searching. Have you ever noticed that you applied to the same job more than once? This is a huge NO NO in the job searching game (especially in the temporary staffing world), here’s why. If you apply to the same position with two different staffing companies and they both submit you for that position, you are automatically DENIED! “Why?” you ask? Three of the worst words to hear in your professional career: CONFLICT OF INTEREST. If two agencies submit you for a job, it’s a conflict for the employer to choose one staffing company over the other which ultimately leads them to have to say NO to both applications. It may take a little time, but my advice is to organize the positions that you apply for. This is a little hard to do for some folks, but a standard spreadsheet in which you can search the positions that you apply for by job title, job description, and job qualification.

So as you continue or start your job search, you have much to think about and even more to do, however you are on the way to being the most proactive job seeker out there. Good luck!

the author

Adrian T. Marable has motivated and inspired many men and women to lean forward in their personal and career lives. He has a proven track record of creating the path of success for the "average Joe" which includes career, personal, educational, and spiritual satisfaction. Adrian's mission in life is to promote a successful mindset which leaves the individual with the mental tools to be successful.