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Continuing education does not always mean spending years working for a degree. One of many advantages of modern technology is that there is a plethora of great information online that is not only, legit, but free which can increase your value to your current employer. In many cases employers appreciate the fact that you took the initiative to gain knowledge without the need to ask for company dollars or take time off of work to take classes. Here are a few options for online learning to help you keep pace.


YouTube is the place to find out how to do almost anything. If you search a “how-to” video and can’t find it, I would suggest you make one in order to take advantage of the monetary benefit that you may receive if you start getting tons of hits. Now let’s be clear, YouTube education is not the type of knowledge that you want to go back to your employer and boast about, but if the opportunity arises to display your expertise or skills you have the knowledge in your back pocket. Also, be careful about the information that you receive on this site because not all of it may be good quality, and anyone can post a how-to video to do anything.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great place to go if you need a refresher course in the areas of math, computer programming, physics, chemistry, biology, finance, history, and much more. I have used these videos for math refreshers plenty of times and they are awesome. Unlike YouTube, Khan Academy is geared toward scholastic curriculum so but if you want really good quality information this is where you get it. All of the information is controlled and seems to me to be really well regulated. There are a lot of classes taught be college professors all of the nation who strive to provide the quality and comprehensive content need to build your skills and knowledge.

W3schools is the ultimate website design learning site. It teaches you all of the programming languages, rules, and terminology in easy to follow tutorials. I have taken advantage of some of these tutorials. With languages such as SQL, PHP, Java, XML, HTML, CSS and more, you will have tons of knowledge under your belt when you’re done with each set of tutorials. For those in programming field or any technology field these tutorials are great resume builders. For an entrepreneur looking to be a webmaster this is a lot better self-paced instruction instead of some $2000 or more online class. If you’re truly dedicated to taking these tutorials, you could learn a different language in 15-30 days.

So now that you’re equipped with some new tools go out and utilize them to the best of your ability. If you’re looking to develop new skills or even if you’re looking to refresh your current skills, the above locations are great and free sources to start with. Stay tuned as we review more opportunities for free continuing education.

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Adrian T. Marable has motivated and inspired many men and women to lean forward in their personal and career lives. He has a proven track record of creating the path of success for the "average Joe" which includes career, personal, educational, and spiritual satisfaction. Adrian's mission in life is to promote a successful mindset which leaves the individual with the mental tools to be successful.