Free Android Apps to Aid in Your Success

We know that everyone has busy lives and it can sometimes be hard to keep track of all there is to do.  In order to help you to meet goals, stay on task, stay healthy, and organized we have found some great Android applications that will help you get the most out of your smartphone and help you succeed at whatever it is you set out to do.  Whether it’s planning a project for your company or getting the kids to their extracurricular activities, at least one (if not all), of these applications can help.  Let’s take a look at these really great apps and how you can use them to achieve maximum productivity.

Evernote is a great resource for the creative mind.  It is the ultimate cloud for taking notes.  In your notes section, you can attach pictures, excerpts from webpages or full webpages, and voice memos to cross reference with your notes later.  For those like me who constantly read and re-read their goals Evernote provides a check button which will allow you to check off each goal you’ve accomplished.  For goals coming up on their deadlines you can also set reminders so you won’t lose sight of your target completion date.  For people who have business partners or just friends with whom you’d like to share ideas there is also a “SHARE” option that will allow you to send your note via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email or a simple link.

Map My Run
Map My Run is one of many apps that you can use to track your healthy habits.  Don’t be fooled by the name.  It’s not limited to tracking your run but you can also log all of your workouts and daily food and calorie intake.  To get motivated, you can add friends, develop groups, and participate in challenges.  My favorite part of Map My Run is the ability to record my runs and walks.  With your GPS on your route is tracked down to the street, elevation, and time that you travel.  Post your achievements on Facebook for added support from your Facebook friends.


Google Calendar
Every successful person needs a calendar to keep you on schedule when you’re on the go.  Google Calendar is a simple and free way to track your tasks and events.  Share parts or all with your friends, spouse, or business partners.  Add U.S. or non-U.S. Calendars so that you can see what holidays your friends in India or China are celebrating.  If you’re an extreme football fan, Google even provides a calendar for your favorite team so that you always know when the game is going on each week.

I must say that QuickOffice has not been a must have app for me, but it has been useful the few times that I had to open up or edit a Microsoft document on my phone.  Excel, PowerPoint, and more importantly Word documents can be opened and edited with ease as long as you’re comfortable with the limited functionality and display.

File Manager
This application allows you to easily access all of your files and photos that you download onto your device.  It’s similar to your regular file folders on your computers and it will even connect to your cloud or server to open and shared files.  Another great feature is that it allows you to stream media without having to download it on your phone which will ultimately keep your memory usage down.

Cloud Drives (Pogo Plug, Google Drive, Drop Box)
I have used many different cloud drives, however I must say that PogoPlug is my favorite. Upon signing up with Pogoplug, you get 20GB of free space. Another advantage is if you refer other people, PogoPlug will give you more free space. Added to their cloud is the option of a server.  After buying a PogoPlug device and hard drive you can easily build a home server with technical difficulty and no monthly fees.  PogoPlug offers all of the same advantages of a server and with a device you can access it from anywhere and even give your friends and family access to certain folders. It’s a really great alternative to a traditional home server.  If you need a great amount of space don’t worry because PogoPlug offers an unlimited data place for only $49.95.

For Android users Google Drive is the most common application and easiest to use.  It will allow you to backup all media on your android devices as soon as you take a picture or video.  You get up to 15GB of free space with your account.

If you have a Yahoo Account, it is likely that you’ve receive incentives to get Drop Box.  It doesn’t offer an extreme amount of space (just 2GB), however it’s still easy to use and sync files from your Yahoo account to your Drop Box.


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