Dherbs Detox Journey – Part 2

Day four was difficult; this is the time when I unwind from the week and drink some wine and have a cigar—neither is allowed. Instead, I worked on the Christmas tree. On day five I made a pumpkin seed and garlic “pasta” with my husband. The pasta was zucchini sliced on a mandolin. It was surprisingly tasty and if he liked it than it must have been good. Since I did the detox around the Christmas holidays I expected a lot of food at my job but I was prepared and didn’t have a problem.

The rest of the detox went exactly the same as the first five. The only day I cheated was Christmas Day and that was for cooked green beans. If you stop the program for a day because of something you ate, start where you left off the next day.

Coming off the detox, I slowly started eating warm vegetable soup. At the end of the program, I lost ten pounds, my mental and physical stamina improved, my digestive system is back on track, and my energy increased significantly. I highly recommend this program to everyone, especially women. If you are a woman who experiences painful menstrual cycles, this detox is for you. During the detox, I didn’t experience one cramp—NOT ONE!! However, you may experience inconsistencies in your cycle if you’re really toxic. I also recommend the program to those who are interested in the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. Initially I was not planning on foregoing meat, but I have slowly started removing it from my diet and only consume it three times a week. I mainly stick to seafood.

Here are some tips to being successful on this program:

  1. Drink at least a gallon of water per day
  2. Read the manual thoroughly
  3. BE PREPARED! Always have snacks handy at your desk or in your car. Prepare your meals the night before or on the weekends.
  4. Have a good support system. Let your family in on what you are doing so you can be held accountable and they won’t tempt you with the wrong foods. Although some family members will tempt you—just ignore them! After they see the results they’ll want to detox as well!
  5. Research other raw food recipes and make sure you know what the ingredients look like (I grabbed horseradish roots in lieu of jicama—the labels were wrong at the grocery store).
  6. Meditate
  7. Find a grocery store that carries specialty ingredients and natural/unprocessed foods (i.e. Whole Foods).