How to Create Goals

Goals are sometimes to be considered hard long tasks with an ultimate objective of making some kind of personal gain. Even though a completed goal is exciting looking forward at doing the work to complete that goal is not always as motivating. Here are two words which because they are disguised as fun have become so popular that everyone wants to make a one…Bucket List!

I imagine that upon reading those words your mind started racing along the lines of jumping from a plane, going on a safari, and traveling to far away countries. The disappointing news about bucket lists is that they are nothing but lists of goals! Shocking, right?!? All or most of the items on your bucket list are probably personal goals. You may have developed some of these goals in the form bucket list but now comes the task of planning how to complete them. When asked how I went about setting my goals, it was such a simple and automatic response that I even surprised myself. Here’s my response…

I break my goals down into categories: spiritual, personal, financial, health, career/knowledge, and family goals. Then I just started writing each one down. From there, I put each goal in a year…2013, 2014, etc. If that’s too much for you to handle right now, break it into 5, 10, and 15 year goals. The key is to put value on as many goals as possible. For some strange reason, our brain grasps on to numbers more than letters. For financials, don’t just put things like “obtain financially stability;” instead, put a dollar amount that you want in your bank account, retirement account, or career salary. For your career, put your target salary after 5, 10, and 15 years.

My goals include everything from continuing education to large family trips. What also helps is to include milestones once you start separating your goals into years. A milestone wouldn’t necessarily be a goal but an event that will happen in your life around that time like starting or graduating with a degree, having a baby, kids starting school. It helps to see the feasibility of reaching your goals and milestones add that reality.

One Android app that I attribute to my success is Evernote. This handy application allows me to write my goals, check them off, and look at them at any time through my cell phone, tablet, and computer! Once when asked what my goals were, I pulled up Evernote on the internet and had my list readily available.  So now that you aren’t afraid of writing your goals, I look forward to hearing about your progress! Please leave us a note about your goals and how you plan to reach them in the comment box below.

Common Goals List:

Get a degree
Go skydiving
Visit all 50 states
Run a 5k marathon
Travel to another country
Be a CEO of a multi-million dollar company

the author

Adrian T. Marable has motivated and inspired many men and women to lean forward in their personal and career lives. He has a proven track record of creating the path of success for the "average Joe" which includes career, personal, educational, and spiritual satisfaction. Adrian's mission in life is to promote a successful mindset which leaves the individual with the mental tools to be successful.