5 Hobbies of a CEO

In previous articles I have discussed positive stereotypes and behaviors of executives and highly effective business people. Here we will examine the top five common hobbies of CEOs, all or some of which you may want to consider adding to your repertoire. Whether you aspire to work among the upper echelon of a Fortune 500 or just to socialize with them these five leisurely pursuits will place you in the right company.


Golf is one of the few sports requiring more technique than strength.  It is a great sport that allows its players relaxation and fun and can be played well into old age.  Though this sport can be frustrating for the novice player once you get the hang of it, it can be very enjoyable.  Golf teaches consistency and requires perseverance for continuous improvement, skills that are definite necessities in the personality of a CEO.


Chess is by far the most admired hobby of a CEO (and anyone for that matter) to undertake.  It is a game of strategy and requires extreme mental sharpness that will show your fellow leaders that you can think critically and tactically under pressure.  I have yet to master the game, but it is quite fun when you are so close to that checkmate yet still so far!  For those who hate to do anything badly, this is going to be a frustrating game for you.  Remember, anything worth doing is worth doing poorly at first!


Despite not being a healthy habit, smoking cigars has been known as the hobby of the man’s man; however, many women find this an enjoyable hobby too.  This is something that I suggest to be one of the last options for those would are looking to hob knob with the big wigs.  Cigar smoking can display a certain level of class and financial status depending on what and how you smoke.  There are particular forms of etiquette that are unique to cigar smoking so it is important to educate yourself before you decide to take up this hobby.

Muscle Cars and Motorcycles

Whether it’s the smoothness of a candy apple red paint job, the deep purr of dual exhaust, or the feel of fresh leather interior there is something incredibly special about collectible vehicles.  Just like cigars, an appreciation for nice vehicles and motorcycles displays class and status.


Football, baseball, and basketball in particular are the main sports that are major conversation pieces around the water cooler, at the barbershop, after church service, etc.  It doesn’t matter who you are, sports are the universal language and often bridge both the gender and pay gaps in the workplace!  For those who have “their team”, a passionate exchange can display a loyal and competitive spirit to those who may be watching. Together, these 5 hobbies give the general leisurely pastimes of CEOs and powerful business people.  Regardless of sex, race, or culture, these hobbies have created some commonality within the workplace and may allow you to interact with people you would not otherwise.  If you aspire to be a CEO or are struggling to blend in, these are hobbies that you can learn to help you adjust.  Add learning some of these to your goals list and good luck!


the author

Adrian T. Marable has motivated and inspired many men and women to lean forward in their personal and career lives. He has a proven track record of creating the path of success for the "average Joe" which includes career, personal, educational, and spiritual satisfaction. Adrian's mission in life is to promote a successful mindset which leaves the individual with the mental tools to be successful.